Wednesday, January 19, 2005

fun with english

crap. can't believed that my teacher lable this thing as fun with English. haha.. sought of like quite obligated to do it. yah. then again, do i have any say? haha.. okay then now shall post my work.
All about me

Brash would be the best word that describes me at this period of growth in my life. I would tend to make decisions without considering much of the effects. As long as it seems appealing to me I would do it. Thus, I have to learn it in a tough way in my life that I should consider the effects of my decision. In the past, I would speak without thinking of the impact it would have onto people. I remember that there were many times in my life that I spoke words, which I did not intentionally mean, to hurt others. Words like as ‘Shut Up’, ‘Stop crapping’ and ‘You are such a pest’. I could have used other words to get my message across in a gentle tone. Like, ‘please speak something that is of more beneficial to others’. Even up to now, sometimes I still speak words without considering much of the possible effects on people. I am glad to say that I have changed over the years through the help of my church friends. I still do seek for forgiveness if my words do hurt people now and then. When I am given to make a decision, I will hope that I could spend some time in thinking of the effects. That is more for a personal weakness in my life.
Look on a brighter side. A common question that is always post to youth today, ‘What do you foresee yourself to be in ten years down the road?’ The simplicity of this question means what is your ambition. Ever since childhood, I have always wanted to be a teacher. Why? One of the major factors is that I enjoy teaching others and helping them. (In church. Os a place where my passion can be develop.) I am serving as an active youth leader in a church and helping students. Teaching the students in all aspect of their life. Holistically. A teacher ought to be certain subjects as his/her forte. My forte is on Math and Physics. I enjoy doing things related to numerical problems. I have always been doing relatively well in my forte subjects. Chinese is the weakest subject among all that I am currently taking. All these are due to my foundation that was not built up strongly. Thus foundation is an essential element to succeed in any areas. Does that mean I give up hope on my Chinese? No. I have many firm beliefs in my own life. Failure does not shape us but how we respond to failure shapes us. Though I may not have been doing well in my Chinese, I have always sought to do my best. Another firm value in my life is that I believed in doing my best and that is all it matters. From my past few sentences, you can derive that I am a person that have certain firm values in my life. Why? Many youth today are always changing for no apparent good reason. They are always changing because of the things they hear. This could be seen from the standards in many lives today. They have no fix standards because they have no firm values.
There is also a unique thing about me. This is something that amazes me and I feel glad about it. I am born on 31st December.
I enjoy the life that I am living now. I find life purposeful. School is great.